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Keller Williams Prefers to Settle Their Cases

It's official: Keller Williams Real Estate in Austin, Texas, officially known at this time as KWI-8, Inc., settles all of their cases and prefers to do so.  In a hearing on the record, the attorney representing Keller Williams in Austin stated under oath that Keller Williams preferred to settle its cases.  In addition, the attorney for Keller Williams stated in open court that he had never tried a single jury case for Keller Williams in the five years he had represented them. 

So that must be good news for the plaintiffs and attorneys in the Austin area that have claims against Keller Williams agents and brokers.  The Broker of Record for the office, Jean Grubbs, was present in the court room when the attorney for Keller Williams admitted that he Keller Williams settled all of its cases.  

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