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A Harris County jury of twelve found that Cendant Financial Services Corporation, a d/b/a of CARTUS FINANCIAL, committed fraud in the sale of a home in Houston, Texas.   They jury also found that CARTUS committed violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by making false, misleading and deceptive acts in the sale of the home to the buyers.  They jury then found that CARTUS had committed the violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act KNOWINGLY, meaning:


?Knowingly? means actual awareness, at the time of the conduct, of the falsity, deception, or unfairness of the conduct in question.


The homeowners claimed that CARTUS had actual knowledge of wood rot, wood rot damage, termite damage and termite infestation in the home because CARTUS had contractors go into the house to paint and remove wallpaper.  Once in the house, the contractors for CARTUS discovered wood damage and repaired areas that were later discovered to have massive termite damage and infestation. 


Prior to trial, CARTUS offered a total of $3000 to the homeowners and then withdrew the offer roughly one week later.   At trial, the judge, the Honorable Randy Wilson of the 157th District Court in Harris County, Texas, encouraged the parties to settle the case but CARTUS refused to negotiate and wouldn?t extend an offer of anything.  The homeowners made a demand of $40,000 during trial after the Court encouraged the parties to settle the case.  CARTUS would not respond with anything. 


The jury then returned their verdict and awarded $57,673.46.   CARTUS claims through its counsel that its client, Exxon/Mobil is responsible for paying the judgment.

Cartus Fraud Jury Verdict
Cartus Fraud Jury Verdict
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