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West Fertilizer House Claims

If you or someone you know has a house damaged in the West, Texas fertilizer explosion, then that house may be a total and complete loss.  What that means for any insurance policy is that the total limits of the policy for the structure have to be paid to the homeowner.  But what if the insurance company says the fertilizer explosion in West, Texas did NOT cause a total loss to the structure?  What can a homeowner do then? 

You can fight the adjustment.  You have two ways to do this.  One way is with an attorney.  If you use an attorney, you can recover your attorneys' fees in addition to the amount owed you for the damage to your property. 

The second way is you can hire a "Public Adjustor".  This is someone or a company that will create an estimate for your damages caused in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion and present it to the insurance company.  They are usually paid by a percentage of the difference between the amount the insurance company is offering and the amount they recover ABOVE that offer. 

Regardless of which way you choose, don't ever assume you are in "good hands" or that you are "like a good neighbor".  Those are slogans.  When I defended insureds for State Farm for 15 years, I would tell people sueing them or State Farm insureds that the reason State Farm had billions and billions of dollars was because they didn't just give it away to people like you.  Pretty harsh, but true.  They don't just give the money away even if they owe it.  Sometimes you have to fight. 

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The explosion at the West Fertilizer Plant caused broken glass and structural damage to roofs
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