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If the house you just bought has live termites or what is known in the pest control industry as an “active infestation," then the odds are pretty strong that you didn’t buy the home knowing or believing you had a problem. So how did this happen to you? Were you deceived, mislead or given false information by your inspector? It’s possible.

There are several factors involved. First, how substantial is the infestation? If there is considerable damage and the pests have been present for more than a couple of years, then the easy answer is that your inspector probably could have and should have found evidence of the infestation. If the activity is more recent and there are no signs of previous infestation or treatment by the preceding homeowner, then you may be the unfortunate victim of nature and bad timing. However, that is rarely the case. As a defense attorney for dozens of pest control companies, I have seen first hand how poorly inspections are performed.

It became obvious that in the vast majority of inspections, if the termites didn’t come out from behind the walls and introduce themselves, the inspector wouldn’t find them.

Live Termites or Active Infestation

A home with live termites or an active infestation can be devastating.  If you have Formosan Termites in your area, your home could be completely destroyed.  Even if you only have the native subterranean termites, you should act promptly to kill the termites.  You should contact your local termite treator and get bids for a termite treatment.  The cost of a termite treatment is worth every penny.

While it is well known that Formosan termites can consume as much as 1000 pounds of lumber in a year, the native Texas termite is credited with only 17 pounds of lumber in a year.  However, left untreated, that colony can and will grow.  The 17 pounds of lumber a year consumed by an average Texas termite colony is based on a colony size of around 100,000 termites.  If the colony grows to 300,000 or 500,000, then that 17 pounds can become 100 pounds in a year. 

Just as importantly, termites do not select one stud and confine their consumption to that one member.  Instead, they typically move to multiple studs and spread their damage across several if not dozens of studs in the process of consuming 17 pounds in a year.  If a termite colony is consuming 100 pounds of lumber in a year, then the termite damage can literally touch and affect all of the studs in a room or multiple rooms.

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NEW PHONE & FAX: Phone: 512 221 0121 Fax: 512 233 2559

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