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This is one of the consumer’s worst nightmares. You found out years ago that you had a termite infestation. You called a pest control company who offered to treat your home and then offered you an option to extend termite treatment at the home each year for roughly ten percent of the original treatment price. What you thought you were buying from the termite company was eradication or elimination of the termite infestation—you thought the termites would be gone and the termite damage would end. What you received instead was a promise by the pest control company to come back and retreat your property if the infestation persists. But what good is that promise? If termites continue to exist in your home, they will continue to cause damage. Repeat treatments mean your problem is growing.

Lady, we don’t fix damage

So now that the termite company has been out to your house more than twice to treat for termites, you start to notice changes in the home, or worse, you see the actual termite damage inside the walls. That’s when you find out that the pest control company only agreed to come back and treat your house in case they didn’t do the job right to begin with. In other words, their promise was to come back free of charge or at most your annual fee, and try to get rid of the termites again. Meanwhile, the termites continue to cause damage to your home.

You Have to Solve the Problem

The problem is how the termites are getting into your house. As long as termites are in your house, you are suffering more and more economic damage. If the pest control operator has to come back to retreat, it may be that your problem is not so obvious to solve. If termites reappear every year, it is clear that the problem is not being solved. He has a duty to find out how and why the termites are getting into and living in your house. If he won’t do his job, then you can make him responsible to pay for damage to your home.

NEW PHONE & FAX: Phone: 512 221 0121 Fax: 512 233 2559

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