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Water leaks come in many forms.  They can be caused by faulty brick laying where water penetrates into the interior wall void in windy rain storms.  Water leaks can also occur around window frames that are not set into the wall properly or when the window is not properly sealed. 

In addition, water leaks can occur when air conditioning systems do not drain to the outside properly or when pipes leak into the house. 
Whatever the cause, if you have a water leak from any source, it is imperative that you eliminate it immediately.  If your house is new and you purchased directly from a builder, you may have to proceed through the Texas Residential Construction Commission.  You should review your rights at TRCC. In the meantime, you should advise your builder in writing by sending a description of the problem.  It is very important that you send the letter describing your construction defect by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.  See RCLA page.
If you are encountering water leaks in a used home and those leaks were not disclosed to you and/or your inspector failed to find them, then you should document and photograph any evidence that indicates the problem existed when your seller filled out their seller's disclosure forms or when your inspector inspected the home. 
Clearly, if they had disclosed these facts you would have either walked away from the house or negotiated compensation for the problem.  Just as clearly, if every time you run the upstairs shower and water comes pouring through the kitchen light fixtures, that is substantial circumstantial evidence the seller elected not to disclose those facts to you.  
NEW PHONE & FAX: Phone: 512 221 0121 Fax: 512 233 2559


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