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Why do Termite Treatments Fail?

The specific reasons why termite treatments fail can be endless. Fundamentally, however, the most common denominator is the failure to determine how the termites are entering the house. The pest control industry has a completely different view on “solving the problem” than you do. To the pest control industry, once they put down chemical in all of the known entry areas, they deem themselves to have solved the problem. However, it is not so simple.

During construction of a house, the foundation is poured with form boards and grade stakes. Sometimes, especially when there is a slight change in the foundation height like from one room to another; a garage; or even a front door threshhold, grade stakes can be left in the concrete when poured. Rather than remove the grade stake and fill the void with concrete, the average construction crew will break off the top of the stake or if they are really thoughtful, saw off the exposed portion. What does this have to do with termites entering a house? Well, years or maybe just months later, the termites are looking for food and crawl underneath the slab and find the grade stake. They begin devouring it and as they eat their way up the stake, they suddenly find themselves in the house. Termites are discovered by the homeowner and a pest control company is called to treat them. The treatment goes according to plan and probably exactly like what is described above. The termites persist and the pest control treater agrees to return and squirt more chemical into the ground. However, the problem is not the lack of chemical in the places already treated, the problem is that the termites have an entry that is completely unaffected by the treatment. A good pest control company will recognize that the persistence of the termites suggests some entry point like a grade stake. Most pest control companies will simply keep pouring more chemical on the situation, never altering the equation and never solving the problem.
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