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Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practice Violations
Inspection Referrals


Did your realtor or any realtor refer you to the inspectors for your home? It is almost a given that when the buyer is ready to hire the two most important professionals to advise him or her about the largest purchase of their life that there will be tremendous time pressure and that he or she will not have considered inspections until after an offer is made. This in turn creates dependence on the realtor to assist the buyer in having the inspections conducted, when in reality the realtors should be removed from the process given their obvious financial motivation that the inspections not disrupt the purchase.

Realtors commonly refer buyers to inspectors who tend to find only the most obvious defects. Pest Control companies AND Home Inspectors often solicit and depend on realtor referral for income, and consequently they often make only cursory inspections and overlook numerous problems that can create problems for the buyer. Mechanical and structural inspectors can and do perform only the most basic inspection and know that a bad inspection—one that may disrupt the deal—probably will affect future referrals


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