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1031 Exchange Fraud


A homeseller has the most opportunity to commit fraud because they obviously know the most about the house and the surrounding area.  You should review the elements of Fraud in a Real Estate Transaction found at the Real Estate Fraud page.   In a nutshell, if the seller misrepresents facts about the house in order to induce you into purchasing the house; or they conceal facts from you in order to induce you into buying the house;  they have committed fraud. 
Here are some examples of Real Estate Fraud:
   1. Misrepresenting conditions of the house.
       Foundation Problems
       Water Leaks
       Drainage Problems
       Square Footage
       Indicating the wrong School District
       Indicating the wrong amount for Homeowners' Association Fees
   2. Misrepresenting amenities of the house
       Indicating the house has gas utilities when it does not
       Misrepresenting electrical systems
   3. Failing to reveal Defects or Hazards
       Failing to reveal sewage back ups
       Failing to reveal septic system problems
Any of these and countless more that go unmentioned can be grounds for a fraud claim.  You can always contact us at no charge to find out if your problems amount to Real Estate Fraud.
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