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Before you can sue a builder over a construction defect, you have to first give them notice of the defect and comply with the Residential Construction Liability Act - the RCLA.  If you don't give them notice and you sue them, their attorneys can then halt or abate the lawsuit and demand that you give them the notice.  It will only delay the process about 45 to 60 days, but more importantly, they will then have an attorney or law firm guiding them through the process.

You can follow these simple steps and comply with the statute.  If you want a detailed guide that walks you through the details, you can contact my offices and for a $50 cost, you can recieve a detailed guideline that takes you through the process you will need to go through before you contact an attorney. 

Here are the steps you need to follow generally:

1. Send a notice letter.

2. Allow an inspection if requested by the builder.

3. Receive an offer to repair.

4. Respond to the offer of repair. 

For the specific details, contact my office and you can recieve the detailed process for a fraction of the cost of an attorney. 


NEW PHONE & FAX: Phone: 512 221 0121 Fax: 512 233 2559

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