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Evin Dugas is no longer practicing law and he is now mediating full time.  With over 152 civil jury trials for both defendant insureds of State Farm, Zurich, Lloyds of London and Empire Lloyds, Mediating with Evin is an excellent choice for your case.  Evin has a simple approach to mediation:

Meet. Talk. Settle. 

Meet.  If the parties never meet, it is that much harder to resolve the case.  Not impossible, but it is harder.  So just showing up is a big part of the process. 

TalK.  The parties have to communicate and in litigation, the parties are prevented from communicating through their lawyers.  Start talking.  Start settling. 

Settle.  Finally, the resolution and end to your litigation is the start of your new life from that point.  Litigation is like an illness.  You don't realize how unhealthy it is for you until you are out of lligation one day and you realize how much better your life is at that point.   

1/2 DAY                    $500 Per Party

FULL DAY             $1000  Per Party

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