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Here are some tips for home sellers from the viewpoint of an attorney who has spent a few months in trial over 30 plus different home sale transactions with problems.
1. Disclose what you know.
2. Go through the Sellers' Disclosure Of Property Condition or the Sellers' Disclosure Notice WITH your realtor and ask questions about any items you are unsure about.
3. Use the Golden Rule:  If you think you would want to know about a condition or event, disclose it.
4. If there is a problem issue, disclose it in the Sellers' Disclosure notice and put it out up front.  Realtors sometimes encourage home sellers to hold back on information until AFTER the buyer develops an interest.  That encourages more offers but invites retribution later if the buyer does not recover the information.
5. Attend the showing of the house to answer questions directly.  Some realtors discourage this and it is usually based on the sellers' personality.  They do not want you to blow the deal and sometimes, sellers get emotional since they see their house as an extension of themselves.
6. Don't get emotional about the sale.  If someone does not like your house, better they move on than decide it was a bad idea after the fact.
7. If you are not seeing activity on your house, sit down with your realtor and find out why.  If it is about what you are doing or not doing, change it.  If it is because the realtor is waiting for activity and not being proactive, change your realtor.
Good luck!

 NEW PHONE & FAX: Phone: 512 221 0121 Fax: 512 233 2559

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