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Austin Real Estate Attorney
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Buying real estate in Austin can be risky and present you with multiple options that you may not know how to resolve. Hiring a real estate attorney for your real estate purchase in Austin, Travis County or the Hill Country area is not always necessary. However, if you are investing more than $500,000 in the purchase of a home or land in the Austin area, a real estate attorney may be a bargain. 
An Austin real estate attorney will help you review your title commitment to determine if there are encumbrances or in lay terms, “problems” with your title. Additionally, an Austin real estate attorney can also assist in negotiations with your buyer or seller as well as provide advice regarding inspections and property uses. 
Of course, not all Austin real estate attorneys do the same things. A typical Austin real estate attorney will review your contract for purchase or earnest money contract and then provide input on the financing documents and the title commitment. 
My real estate legal services include all of the above as well as 20 years of experience representing sellers, buyers, inspectors and realtors in commercial and residential real estate. My experience representing buyers, sellers, realtors and inspectors in the Austin real estate market as well as the Houston area has provided me with inside knowledge of what sellers, realtors and inspectors do to sell homes. This includes deliberate real estate fraud as well as obscene gross negligence.  
If you are buying any property in Austin, whether it is commercial or residential, you have be concerned that you are buying something that may have future costs and expenses like electrical, plumbing or other matters that are not disclosed. It is imperative, whether you are buying a commercial or residential property that you hire the appropriate experts that will help you assess the purchase you are about to make. As an Austin Real Estate Attorney, I have contacts and access to the experts you need to help you make an informed decision about your commercial or residential property.

 NEW PHONE & FAX: Phone: 512 221 0121 Fax: 512 233 2559

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