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Termite damages and the discovery of live termites may require an attorney or lawyer.  Not all termite damages necessitate hiring an attorney or lawyer, but if there are signs that the pest control business or pest control personnel did not treat a termite infestation correctly, then you might very well need an attorney to correct the wrong you have suffered.  

It matters if your attorney you hire has experience and knowledge with termites and termite damage.  Termites are cryptobiotic insects that do not conform to predictable behavior and patterns so if your attorney or lawyer does not have a background in termites, termite damage repair, termite treatment or some other actual experience with termites and termite damage, you could end up  losing your case.  

As an attorney for pest control companies hired by their insurance carriers, I was hired to defend pest control operators for cases involving termite damage, termite infestation, termite idenitification failures and termite treatment failures.  As the attorney for the pest control companies, I developed inside knowledge about how pest control operators and companies viewed termite damage and termite treatment altogether.  

For instance, when I was the lawyer for one pest control company in the 1990s, they viewed termite damage in a home to be nothing more than a new opportunity to treat the termites.  If a homeowner found termites or termite damage after a treatment, I learned, as their attorney or lawyer, that the pest control company didn't think it was any big deal.  You just go back out to the house and squirt more pesticide into the ground, or the walls or the bath trap.  They viewed the recurrence of termites as something inevitable, not something preventable.  

A very common practice in the pest control field was and is the selling of an annual contract in the years following the initial treatment.  It was usually a small amount between 10-20 percent of the original treatment cost.  If the homeowner found termites after the initial treatment, the annual contract insured the pest control company would come back out and treat again in the problem area for free.  But even as the lawyer or attorney for the pest control company in a termite damage case, it was obvious that the pest control company SHOULD have come back and treated the problem area for FREE!!!! 

Since I have been an attorney or lawyer for pest control companies and homeowners, I understand how that pest control company views their problems and how they think they are supposed to be solved.  What is amazing is that these same guys are so out of touch with basic expectations of their customers.  It's as if they literally believe that the customer should expect some failure in the termite treatment and that customer should have to pay for it.  Selling those annual contracts was and is an important revenue source for those pest control companies but it was done at the expense of the home owner.  

So from 1991 to the present I have tried roughly 38 pest control related cases as the attorney for the defendants or plaintiffs.  The vast majority of those trials were as the attorney for the pest control company.  As the attorney for home owners in termite damage and termite infestation cases, I rarely get to trial because those cases settle. 

If you have a termite damage, termite treatment, termite infestation or other termite problem, I would love to discuss your termite issues and demonstrate why you should consider my law firm to represent you in your case. 



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