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Houston Flooding Harvey Insurance Claims


Houston has been devastated by flooding after Harvey.  The flooding throughout the Houston area will continue through this week with devastation and catastrophes in thousands of individual lives. 

It is critical that if you are reading this before midnight on August 31, 2017, you must file a written claim before Midnight August 31, 2017.  After that, a new law just signed by Governor Gregg Abbott will go into effect and make it harder for you to process your claims against an insurance company. 

If you have flood damage, the first thing you want to do is take as many photographs and video of the damage as possible.  

Second, make an inventory of the things you have to throw away before you it is taken away.  Take pictures of it while it sits on the curb. 

Third, you will want to open up any walls that have been exposed to water and cut the sheetrock out and remove the insulation.  If the water was 4 feet deep, you will have to remove all of the sheetrock since water wicks upward.  If it was 3 feet or less, then cut out the sheetrock up to four feet. Since contractors will be in short supply, you may have to do this yourself. 

Fourth, if you purchase a replacement of anything that is damaged in the flood, then you will need to keep all of your receipts.   

We will post more information and what to do in the upcoming days. 


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